How to prepare succulents and cacti for Sprout

How to prepare succulents and cacti for Sprout

Sprout is a great way to showcase your favourite succulent or cactus growing with its bare roots in water.

Here’s how to prepare your plant for it’s new showcase:

You’ll need a soft toothbrush, a pretty glass and of course, your plant and your Sprout. If you’re working with a very spiky cactus, fold a kitchen towel so it’s thick enough to protect your hands from the spines, then use it to hold the cactus by it’s head under running water. Be gentle so you don’t break the spines off.

Remove your plant from it’s pot, and remove as much dirt as possible gently with your fingers. Then rinse the roots under running water to remove the rest. If needed, use the toothbrush or paintbrush to remove the last little bits of dirt from the roots. When they’re all cleaned up, you can fit the roots through the opening of Sprout, and fill the glass with water.

Initially, cacti that were previously grown in soil will need a bit of adjustment to their new water habitat. Over a period of four to six months, they will develop the water roots that they need to grow hydroponically. As the old roots decay, they should be removed by rinsing the cactus periodically under running water.


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